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Holiday prompts plus a little light reading

13 excellent (and practical) things you can do with ChatGPT as a realtor that will supercharge you in 2024

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Comparing apples with apples 📹

But will it float?

Did dance challenges just become easy?

Who can resist a quiz?

An AI tools round-up

Handling Objections

Build your own GPTs

Moving pictures

ChatGPT is nearly one year old

Generate thumbstopping social media hooks, instantly

OpenAI has completely re-imagined how we will use ChatGPT

Japandi, Wabi-sabi or Cali-Cool?

AI helped me with my homework

Conversions happen in conversations

You may say I'm a dreamer... but I'm not the only one

Halloween: The real estate edition

Claude is now available in Australia and can do things ChatGPT can't

ChatGPT can not only see, but speak and hear as well

Elevate your appraisal or listing presentation win rate with ChatGPT

Letters from Santa 🎅

Spot the difference

Any photo reimagined by AI?

"It's cleaner now than when we moved in..."

Can ChatGPT help onboard your newest real estate recruit?

Marketing property to multiple personas

I asked ChatGPT what the future of the real estate industry is, and here's what it told me

What do the top real estate sales people do that the others don't?

Video: How AI and ChatGPT are transforming the Real Estate Industry

Chat to an image in ChatGPT - the real estate edition

I couldn't wait for the Dalle-3 integration into ChatGPT... so here's how to test it yourself

How to summarise and chat to a Youtube video

AI is the new swipe file

ChatGPT's new voice and image capabilities

What you can learn from 💩 using ChatGPT

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The heat is on (and you might want to write about it)

How to effortlessly remove a background from a video with AI

What Sam Altman can teach you about being a better real estate agent

No drone, no problem

How to read from a script without looking like you're reading from a script (and without using a teleprompter)

Speak French fluently in five minutes (or less...)

What the best sales person in the universe does

I'm a real estate agent. Should I use ChatGPT 3, 3.5, 4, Bard, Claude, Llama or ....

So long, and thanks for all the Tim-Tams

ChatGPT gets a Canva plugin, Loom gets a cool AI Upgrade

We're selling but no agents have called. Here's the reason...

Back to school... with ChatGPT

What to do about that email that makes you want to smash your keyboard

Make me feel something


Can ChatGPT show emotion or tone of voice?

Your ChatGPT armchair guide to the Matilda's match

Make me a superhero...

19 ways real estate agents can save time with ChatGPT

Finding the hidden connections

Not going the extra mile

The building blocks of a great prompt

Customer feelings in a flash

Build a diverse skillset

A fresh perspective on experience

'Thought leadership' is mostly a crock of*t but let's talk about it anyway

The privilege known as feedback

Getting ChatGPT to remember things

Drafting Policies and Procedures

Capitalising on trends on social media

Sliding doors

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Reclaim your calendar

Text to video

Professional video editor

The race to intimacy

Here's something that doesn't work...

My next guest...

The temporary pause on ChatGPT4 with browsing

Your professional profile: The Linkedin Series

Strategies for defining your target market with ChatGPT

Harness the power of instagram in real estate

Mortgage maths for agents

Success is the sum of the details

Generating cool property QR codes

"It's always Day 1..."

Invite your friends to read AI Powered Agents

Role play your listing presentation with ChatGPT

Can you teach ChatGPT to write in your style?

Real Estate Marketing: Boost your online presence with these three content ideas

Your future real estate customer

The power of Instagram polls for agents

Local area tour guide


Introducing AI-powered agents

How to get ChatGPT to write your LinkedIn posts

How to get more engagement and reach on Linkedin, faster.

Mastering the art of a stand-out Linkedin Summary

Passionate, trustworthy and honest: Here's how to improve your Linkedin Headline

The cycles of real estate

What can Reese Witherspoon teach us about storytelling?

No if's or but's - but maybe an and...

"Send it to my screen"...

Making friends with Photoshop

Auction vs Private Treaty

What the prompt?

Press to success - the real estate chatGPT edition

Getting inside the mind of your customer

Was it written by AI?

Plug me in, baby

The Google Bard vs Open AI Chat GPT listing copy 'smackdown'...

How and where to find your ideal customer

The limit does not exist...

Turn up the temperature on ChatGPT

Fun Friday

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Take back the narrative

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Hire Don Draper to edit your listing copy

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